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London UK  based music production company owned and operated by Oscar Stieler

A music producer, composer and a professional musician/music director with 20 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry internationally.

OsKeyzProduction is the company that offers a broad range of professional music services.

Whether its a sound design, studio recording, production, live performance or a tour ,  

we take client's projects from concept to reality.  

- Music Production 

- Song Arrangement 

- Vocal Arrangement  

- Recording 

- Editing 

- Mixing/Mastering  

- Audio Book Recording 

- Voiceovers

- Radio and TV spots 

- Hire of top session musicians, singers, songwriters 


The company also extends from studio services to live music services.

For over a decade we have been providing bands, session musicians and backing singers for variety of well established, (acclaim/awarded - grammy, billboards, soul train, bet awards ) international recording artists and  their tours, TV/Radio performances  

- Live music arrangements

- Live music performances

- Session musicians 

- Full live bands

- Singers/Backing Singers ensembles

- Sound engineers 

- Hiring of Rehearsing Studios

- Performance's Logistics and Operations  


- Record label showcases 

- Tours, 

- Radio and TV recording sessions

- Private events 

- Trade shows 

- Corporates events 



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