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Oscar 'OsKeyz' Stieler is an Artist, Music Producer, Music Director

and classically trained Pianist who started to play piano at the age of 3.

He grew up in a family of Professional Musicians.





In his teenage years whilst studying Classical Music,

OsKeyz was also heavily influenced by Jazz, Soul and R&B.

This inspiration made a significant impact on his style of playing

and shaped the path of his musical career as an Artist, Producer and Musician.


OsKeyz's professional career as a Keyboard Player and Music Director spans over 20 years of touring and performances at many prestigious venues such as:

- Wembley Arena, Royal Albert Hall, The o2 Arena etc. 

- Radio/TV recording sessions (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc.)

- Festivals (Glastonbury, V-Festival, Wireless etc.)


OsKeyz has established himself as a prominent, high quality Musician and Producer.

His musical talent, creativity, feeling, and technical skills have resulted in him being one of the most sought after and respected musicians by many Soul, R&B and Jazz artists worldwide.



OsKeyz has therefore worked with some of the most talented and inspirational creators of modern music.

Below is a list of some Artists OsKeyz has worked with over the last two decades: 

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